Custom Tank Trailers



Tank Trailers

As leading distributors for most major brands of tank trailer parts and components, Polar Service Centers can provide national parts and service contracts to both regional and nationwide carriers.


For the energy market, Polar deliver!  Polar offers the largest variety of barrel sizes, axle configurations, truck-mount pups, and A & B train configurations in the market. 

Crude Oil Trailers
  • Lightest trailers in the market
  • Largest product offerings in the market:
    • Tandem to Quad-axle configurations to optimize payload
    • 8400 gallon to 13,000 gallon units built to your needs
    • Multi-compartment units available
    • A & B train configurations
    • Factory Applied Tnemec Linings
    • Severe Service
    • Proven two-piece barrel design with a single circumferential seam
    • Industries widest sheet material minimizes barrel seams
    • Multiple sizes and axle configurations available to maximize payload
    • A wide variety of piping, vapor recovery, and pumping options available

Sand Trailers

  • Lightest trailers in the market
  • Custom designed specifications
  • A & B train configurations
  • A wide variety of discharge options, loading lines, piping arrangements, and air systems available.
  • Round sloping interior surfaces with steep, smooth hoppers, to unload quickly and completely
  • Clean interiors with minimal internal obstructions, minimize cleaning time

Vacuum Trailers

  • Carbon, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum options
  • Linings available
  • Truck-mount pup, and A & B train configurations available