Powder-coated barrel, all-stainless piping reduce lifecycle costs and improve longevity

SALEM, IL (May 8, 2012)—JARCO, a Polar company, today announced the NexGen propane bobtail, featuring a powder-coated barrel that delivers up to three times the life of traditional paint, and stainless steel piping to eliminate corrosion.

“The JARCO NexGen bobtail responds to an ongoing industry call for barrels, piping, and other components that can withstand longer duty cycles and more demanding operating environments,” said Mike Evans, President, Polar Service Centers. “In most cases, NexGen eliminates refurbishment and repainting every three to five years, a key benefit for image-conscious and cost-conscious propane distribution fleets.”

JARCO’s powder coating is warranted for five years and will not wear when exposed to grime, chemical deicers, or wash solutions. The barrel’s steel surface is grit-blasted and washed with phosphate to ensure that the powder-coat adheres, seals, and cures thoroughly. The resulting finish is up to 6 mils (0.006 inch) thick, which limits nicks to the point of impact and allows for easy repairs.

For further corrosion resistance, the JARCO NexGen bobtail has all-stainless piping as standard and stainless or aluminum decking/fenders as options. The modular fender and decking construction allows for easy service and lower repair costs.

Like all JARCO bobtails, JARCO NexGen units have all-welded liquid piping; a BASE Engineering radio remote-controlled shut-down system; recessed float-gauge flange and relief valve couplings; and components from Fisher, Rego, Blackmer, Corken, Liquid Controls, Neptune, Betts, and other leading suppliers.

The JARCO NexGen bobtail is available immediately through JARCO and Polar Service Center locations. Polar Service Centers provide JARCO owners with parts and service support through a national network of 30 locations, as well as tank swaps and an inventory of stock units, chassis, and barrels. For a complete list of Polar Service Center locations, visit www.polartank.com.


JARCO provides custom delivery trucks to propane retailers and independent marketers. A division of Polar Service Centers, the company has produced more than 5,000 trucks for customers in more than 20 countries. More information is available at www.jarco.com.

Polar Service Centers is a division of Polar Corp., North America’s largest manufacturer of aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel tank trailers. The company designs and builds custom tank trailers for dry and liquid bulk cargoes including oil and fuel, food products, asphalt, chemicals, and corrosives. www.polartank.com

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