Polar’s growth reflects industry trends

Courtesy of Heavy Duty Trucking

Published May 2011

Tankers are leading the sales and production comeback in trailers, and Polar is doing all it can to participate. But like other trailer makers, it’s facing higher commodity prices. Ted Fick, Polar’s CEO, predicted 7,800 industry sales of tanker trailers this year and 8,400 in 2012, compared to 8,000 in an average year and 3,600 in a bleak 2009. Polar’s order backlog had gone from one month to seven months by mid-March.

To meet demand, it’s adding second shifts at three plants and third shifts at two others. Increased activity in oil and gas drilling has brought orders for dry bulk and other types, while food processors have been steady in buying food-grade tankers, he said…Download PDF

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